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DotXStudio is subsidiary company of Hostings House Group of Companies

DotXStudio is subsidiary company of Hostings House Group of Companies, Hostings House has built exceptional reputation over the past five years of its professional growth. DotXStudie has managed a team of professional web designers, developers and marketers specialized in custom web design and development. We have employed our years of experience to develop customer centric approach of web design. Our organizational structure works closely throughout the design process to create a visual style unique for you and identifiable for others.

We donít stop at visuals, because the end result of a web design is how it works? Aesthetically striking structure incorporates required functionality has always been our integral concern. For the pricing we always keep monitoring the market trends and try to make solution as cost effective as we can for our clients. Shake hands with DotXStudio today and start your online journey with professionals, if you think itís expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.


"This is the second package we've purchased from this provider. The support and service is excellent!
Kevin Mccarthy
"Easy to work, did a good job in transitioning the system without any issues. Thank you!"
Barry T

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