Branding is how you are going to project the Brand publically.

The profound impact of social media on web has made projection of a brand important than ever before. Brand is the combination of personality and commitment for consumers. A well executed and positioned brand appears more transparent and more transparent means, more likely to be trusted by the people. And Trust is the factor that makes people to pay even premium prices for celebrated brands. So, transparency is the key to achieve user reliability.
Properly placed brand speaks for itself, saves the fraction of cost and time and brings a clear image that eventually helps to grab the attention of new customers. Branding is vital for long-term success of any organization. DotXStudio understands this fact, that’s why places utmost importance over proper image building and branding.

It’s not just about creating an ideal logo with best fitting corporate colors, writing copy and starting brand promotion, it is about communicating with right audience and the team at DotXStudio is fully capable of doing it. It takes a proper research, research on the targeted market and its behavior comes first. Examining culture and region of the target market and knowing likes & dislikes of the people. Then an upfront study of the other similar products/services available in the market is required, USP of the product and how brand stands out of the crowd.
After collecting the whole information planning for the promotion and advertisement is a critical stage, because an effective strategy encourages the buyer. It involves making internal and external strategies keeping in mind the purpose and targets of the brand. After articulate research, making strategies and then finding a productive way of implementation is how you need to start. And it is how DotXStudio team works and makes the brand and its promotion, cost-effective and worthwhile by proving brand credibility.

Branding Concepts

DotXStudio spots the bigger picture but also takes every element into consideration whether it’s about brand values, brand-building strategy, brand management, brand positioning, key brand messages, and target audiences.

  • Communicating to the right audience at right place and at the right time, both visually and verbally.
  • Proving the brand credibility.
  • Delivering the message in most effective way.
  • Encouraging the buyer.
  • Achieving user reliability.

Team DotXStudio:

  • Defines Brand DNA that makes the brand more transparent.
  • Brand positioning that enhances the Value of the Brand.
  • Creates the brand value that captures trust with commitment.
  • Manages the brand reputation.
  • Consultancy for brand name, logo, trademark name and domain name.
  • Creates corporate identity.
  • Researches marketing strategies, cost effective promotion and advertising.
  • Takes your business from basic stage to top professional level.

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