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The trend of online selling and buying has increased exponentially over the past years, and Ecommerce has emerged as a competitive industry.

As being experienced team of expert Ecommerce designers and developers we design to enhance online sales. Special skills are required here in order to display the products properly with creative calls to action. When visitor is surfing your website, displayed products should look as fine as they really are, or even better.E Commerce

Now at the dawn of 2013 trend of online shopping is on the rise and no one wants to just display the products on a simple website. Ecommerce now is an industry with a competitive edge, where your competitor always tries to keep the design, program and market strategy one step ahead of you. Now to be the master of trade you need to meet the fierce competition in terms of design, functionality and marketing. Team DotXStudio is fully capable of delivering an Ecommerce solution with all bells and whistles, using automated shopping cart, secured checkout hassle free navigation and pleasant surfing experience.

Our Expertise

  • Complete Ecommerce solution with automated shopping cart and secure checkout.
  • Ecommerce development for all major Ecommerce CMS platforms.
  • Custom Ecommerce module creation and API integration.
  • Custom Ecommerce development.
  • Ecommerce template design.
  • Responsive Ecommerce design.
  • Ecommerce database design.
  • Product uploading & updating.


Team at DotXStudio has strong grip over all major open sources and hosted Ecommerce platforms including Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion etc. DotXStudio suggests the best fitting platform keeping the design requirements in mind and not forgetting the scope of that particular platform for design integration and functionality. We develop Ecommerce according to client’s requirements and design in order to enhance the true feel of the brand. We ensure cross browser compatibility, SEO friendly structure in compliance with W3C. Moreover DotXStudio places foremost importance on making a responsive Ecommerce design due to its flexibility on several devices, it offers your customer maximum possibility to reach your website, where you can invite them to buy.

Key features

  • Unique ecommerce design
  • Designed to maximize return on investment
  • Ecommerce solution with advance control on your store and product inventory
  • Marketplace integration ( Amazon, eBay, Play etc) Enables your ecommerce store to be published in shopping feeds (Google Shopping)
  • Drop shipping integration
  • Complete support for multiple currencies and languages
  • Integration with stock, accounting and warehousing systems
  • Broadcast your ecommerce store on social networks
  • SEO friendly structure
  • Comprehensive reporting to track website performance and sales
  • 24/7 support via helpdesk
  • PCI compliance
  • Integrated with all leading payment gateways

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