It is not wrong to consider logo as the face of corporate identity and a facade of your brand’s reputation.

Logo is a cornerstone on which you build the building of your brand reputation, that’s how its value amplifies. Having a quality logo that can really project the company's image is a key feature for a successful brand promotion, logo tells the story of your brand and invites customers to trust and buy your brand. Purposely designed logo contributes in establishing corporate brand identity.

The more presentable logo will be the better your brand will appear. DotXStudio designs simple, presentable and meaningful logos keeping the true feel of the brand. A conceptual logo is that leaves an impression that can easily be remembered due to the design ease and can effortlessly be recalled due to its uniqueness. The crucial moment is when you encapsulate the concept of brand, by carrying out what it represents and not forgetting the sensational and attractive characteristics of a logo that invites to buy.


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It is important to analyze the competition, target audience and the business opportunities offered by the present and future. DotXStudio takes all necessary measures into consideration when it designs a logo for your brand. We don’t use tag lines like “Cheap logo design” or even “Affordable logo design”, we provide correspondence, services and assistance for “Exclusive logo design”. A unique and well positioned logo, exclusively designed to establish a unique brand identity. DotXStudio releases all design copy rights to its clients for further trademark and branding purposes, and delivers logo in complete range of sizes best suitable not only for web but also for print media.
  • Not cheap neither affordable, it’s just what your brand deserves, its exclusive.
  • An artistic design with hands, with brain and with heart.
  • Unique and stylized design to establish a unique brand identity.
  • Interesting, exquisite design that are equally communicative.

Team DotXStudio

  • Designs conceptual logo to ensure uniqueness of your brand.
  • Delivers final design in both web and print publishing format.
  • Designs and modifies till your satisfaction .
  • Releases copy rights to its customers.
  • Quickest turnaround.
  • Customer centric approach.
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