Responsive Design

Due to the shifting trends of surfing, 2013 is a predicted year of responsive design and is said to be the future of web design.

Responsive Design provides optimized user experience, better loading speed and better analytics. Another benefit is that website has to be built only once and going to fit automatically on every screen and device.


Dot X Studio believes that the organizations already using responsive design are definitely one step ahead to their competitors. Because this is how they are utilizing a user centric approach to reach their target market. And the organization that overlooks customer's convenience actually ignores the potential customers, hence allowing them to switch to a competitor’s brand. It is how that particular organization ignores its growth, valuable revenue and eventually ROI. Move towards responsive website and ensure.

  • A layout that automatically fits different devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop).
  • Onscreen view of entire page on different devices.
  • Increase readership by optimizing the layout of your content.
  • Ensure mobile and SEO friendly layout of your website.
  • Make your store multi device friendly and increase sales.

Responsive Design Idea


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