Search Engine Optimization

If despite of visually pleasing graphics incorporated with top-notch functionality you are unable to drive traffic to your website.

it means you are lacking certain technical standards of SEO or you haven’t working on any Internet Marketing Strategy. You need to set goals, and the end goal is maximum visibility of your website in order to drive traffic and increase conversion rate. You need to work on both sides, driving traffic to your website and by not forgetting the factors necessary for the conversion.

The more you will optimize your website the better your website will rank, and eventually you can ensure more traffic from major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). 80% of internet audience reaches a website through search engines, and the one who considers and understands internet as a bustling marketplace never ignores all important area of SEO. DotXStudio makes sure that you rank high on search engines for improved ROI.




Team DotXStudio

  • Aims to get you potential ROI through high end SEO services.
  • Powerful & high value keyword research.
  • Optimizes your website and makes its content search engine friendly.
  • Builds valuable and authority links for your website.
  • Monitors your website traffic and measures conversion and sales.
  • Makes search engines get familiar with your website.

DotXStudio analyzes the website and gives tailored SEO solution. We do sufficient research and provide comprehensive reports to identify the problems, challenges and a strategy to cope with these challenges. Our specialized SEO team along with ethical, effective and proven methods of SEO provides results oriented optimization and helps our customers to improve their ROI.


Analyzing the website design in compliance with W3C, Planning to optimize content that is considered as king, strategy to ensure well linked and properly structured website is what it takes to execute a successful SEO campaign. Our results oriented SEO approach involves finding valuable keyword while monitoring keyword ranking, tracking visitors and their referrals, making strategies for link building, executing PPC or CPC campaigns, social media optimization (SMO), Content Optimization that goes for onsite and offsite as well and giving proper value to the header and meta tags.

Our SEO services

  • Pay per click Consultancy.
  • Pay per click Campaigns management.
  • Ongoing SEO maintenance.
  • SMO (Social media optimization).
  • SEO consultancy.
  • On Page Optimization.
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Internal Linking Structure

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