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If you want your website not only a business card of your company

If you want your website not only a business card of your company, if you want a design that speaks your services and incorporates top-notch functionality, a way to present your products effectively and if you want to reach your targeted customers. DotXStudio is the most fitting choice for you, a project of award winning developer’s team of Hostings House, one of the fastest offshore design and development service providers in Pakistan as recognized by Cyan in Pakistan 100 awards, and among 500 rapidly growing companies of Arabia recognized by “All World Network” at Dubai summit 2012.

DotXStudio has managed a group of developers with extensive experience of developing eCommerce website with custom modules, complex API integrations, and Social network development with all required functionality. Our team is not only equipped with custom development from the scratch, we are also fully capable of eCommerce website development using professional eCommerce platform, including Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop etc. Our eCommerce service includes.
  • Custom eCommerce development from the scratch .
  • eCommerce development using professional eCommerce platforms.
  • Complete eCommerce website for small businesses with automated shopping cart.
  • Custom Module creation seamless API integration

We also provide top-notch services for plugin architecture development and integration with PHP and MySQL based dynamic content management system Wordpress. Wide range of our Wordpress development services include.
  • Custom Wordpress theme development and integration
  • Wordpress blog design and integration with eCommerce/ Social Network
  • Wordpress plugin development and integration
  • eCommerce development using Wordpress
  • Wordpress SEO and Troubleshooting

Our team of expert programmers assists you and helps you to come across appropriate solution. If you have products, we’ll develop a way to sell them online, if you have community, we’ll develop a way to connect them online and if you want to tell your story through blog, we’ll help you to develop one for you. No matter what you need, send us your requirements and let us program your dream requirements. A solution that expresses your objectives is fundamental aim of DotXStudio.


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