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DotXStudio blends website design with usability to meet every requirement of its customer according to his/ her respective industry.

We believe a design isn’t finished until somebody is using it. We design the way it leaves an impression on visitor’s mind because if a website fails to establish credibility, it’s not professionally designed.

Visitors ignore and leave an unappealing, hard to navigate and inadequately designed website as soon as they land on it, It happens when the website remains unable to portray a clear, transparent image of your brand. Inappropriate site gives an impression of fragmentation. Whereas people like to stay on a well organized website, that seems to be a professionally summed up with an effortless integration to showcase products/services. In ever evolving environment of web, design is as vital aspect as the functionality is. That’s why DotXStudio believes in elegantly designed and completely functional websites creation.
eb DesignDotXStudio understands this and puts utmost importance on distinctive visual communication by not forgetting the functionality. The ultimate outcome of proficient ideas, playing with colors, understanding of fonts, flair for layout, ingenuity for graphics and style is what we call a design with sense of completion. Organizing the visuals to make a seamless and communicative composition in order to display transparent brand image is what it takes. DotXStudio aims to create cool calls to action to convert the visitors into buyers.

  • If a website is not able to build credibility, it’s not professionally designed.
  • Hard navigation compels the visitor to leave the site.
  • Professional web design company ensures that the site is in optimum condition.
  • Inspiring design communicates with your visitors and flatters brand image.
  • The most disturbing outcome of fragmented design is, when increasing of traffic don’t increase the conversion rate.


E-Commerce website design

E Commerce Website Design

The trend of online selling and buying has increased exponentially over the past years, and Ecommerce has emerged as a competitive industry. As being experienced team of expert Ecommerce designers and developers we design to enhance online sales. Special skills are required here in order to display the products properly with creative calls to action. When visitor is surfing your website, displayed products should look as fine as they really are or even better.


  • Online presentation of products that invites to buy.
  • Designed keeping your target market in consideration.
  • Perfectly integrated, fully functional and feature rich Ecommerce solution.
  • Ecommerce design that can communicate with visitors.
  • Hassle free navigation and pleasant surfing experience.


Website redesign


Website Redesign

Enhancing visual quality while keeping the existing functionality of a particular website is like thinking within the box but more innovatively. When after putting a lot of effort to drive traffic to your website you remain unable to turn visitor into buyer, your design is less inviting and somewhat drab as well. You need to inject new blood into the veins of your existing design. Team at DotXStudio can assist you here with its ability to take the design from the simplest level to optimum professional stature.


  • Improve the look of your outdated website.
  • Redesign existing website and generate more leads.
  • Encourage more visitors to turn into buyers using persuasive design.
  • Redesign your blog and capture the attention of the reader.


CMS website design


CMS Website Design


DotXStudio designs for all major CMS platforms, depends upon the ease of the website owner. A content management system gives you the ability to easily process information and organize content. DotXStudio designs templates for all major CMS platforms, including but not limited to Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, BigCommerce etc. Whatever platform is preferred by the owner, making a purposely composed, esthetically attractive website that reflects the right image of the brand is what DotXStudio excels in.

  • Web Design in Compliance With W3C.
  • Design that Enhances Your Brand Image.
  • Design that establishes credibility.
  • Design that translates and delivers Brand message.
  • Design that grasp the interest and tends the visitor cling to the site.
  • Effective and creative calls to action



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